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RP Characters:

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you?:

Approx. Vacation Time:

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Name: Silverstar040302

Characters: Silverflight

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you?: No...I know NO ONE!

Approx. Vacation Time: idk. A few weeks or so.


Name: WildViper009

Characters: Dismay

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you?: Not really.

Approx. Vacation Time: 8th April 2014 - Not too sure.


Name: The Unknown Afterlife (After, Unknown)

Characters: Oyasumi, Flarekit, Darky, Dyingspirit

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you?: No.

Approx. Vacation Time: Feb ???, Indefinate. Will be here on and off, but it's just a note of a large drop in activity.


Name: Cinderflight

Characters: Wishsong

Is anyone else allowed to rp for you: Gari and crys can rp Wishsong if the quest starts while im gone.

Approx vacation time: Idk. Im moving sooooooooooooooo yeah.



Cat names: WinterHeart, Dandelionkit, Summerkit, RavenWing, Badger, Snake, FireSky, DawnPaw, Sagepaw, and MapleFur. Who can Roleplay my cats: Gari, Hawk, and Eevee. How long will I be gone?: I'll come back around March or later.


is it pathetic that i'm crying


i'm too sad to attempt to be funny. look at my userpage.

just Rainy, Robo and Eevee

april, i think.

I'm going to die again



Tangle and Strikeh.

I honestly don't know. Until June/July maybe. Or shorter. When Summer Vacation comes for me, I'll come back. I'm too busy lately. SasukeUchiha 03:04, March 1, 2014 (UTC)


Name: KittenStyle

Characters: Silksky,Prince,Lionpelt,Frostpaw,Ashpaw,Afterpaw,Shadowpaw and the rest of my cats

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you? No

Approx. Vacation Time: I don't know

Berry down

User Name: Berrywing

Cats: Willowpaw Berrywing

I don't really want my cats rped by someone else so...yea

I will be gone for about two weeks because my computer has problems. Good bye


User Name -:Sutirthosaurus

Cat -: Dewstone

No I do not want my cats to be RPd by somebody else .

I do not know maximum time limit is June . I may be there for two or three days within that time span , or before the max t limit but the time duration is till June , 30'th . Sorry , I need to change maybe , cause if i am out for indefinite time , plz do not cancel my cat . One of my problems is that I cannot invite anybody to RP as I am not there on chat when others are and vice versa .


Name: EnderCursty Endza? Endza 20:15, April 24, 2014 (UTC)

Characters: Owlpaw, Maripaw, Pebblekit, Akumu, Pineheart, Ivyheart,Firekit, blablabla.

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you? Winx can RP Owlpaw if he want to.

Approx. Vacation Time: 5-7 days. >w< Seeeee you guys later.


Name: Tangle

Characters: see here

Can anyone else RP for me? Nope.

Approx vacation time: Friday to Wednesday my time. I've got exams coming up starting on Monday, finishing Tuesday. I need to take this time off to study.

You have been tangled... in the frost 06:56, June 13, 2014 (UTC)



firestone, mistybird, birchpelt, blazeleap, and owlmask

no thanks

from today to the 29th/30th

Wrackspurts and Nargles 11:31, August 15, 2014 (UTC)


yeah ik I've been on hiatus anyway but like:

Characters: Refer to my page

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you? Um. For most of them, nup, but Tangle can roleplay Sandfeather for the time~! 

Approx. Vacation Time: Um, five day camp, so. 1st September to 5th September? Is that right? idk.

L8rs~ I will always love you, even if it kills me...


Name: Emeraldfire8

Characters: Emeraldfire, Fernkit, Echobreeze, Ookami

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you? HELL NO

Approx. Vacation time: Idk. A while.

You thought I was the nice one... you are wrong

Hi I'm back

and now I'm goin again

Characters: Refer to my page

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you? Um. For most of them, nup, but Tangle can roleplay Sandfeather and Splashwing for the time~! 

Approx. Vacation Time: Ah, 24th September to the 4th of whatever month's after September I think?

Anyay, cya then~ I will always love you, even if it kills me...


Merry Christmas to you lot

Characters: Akari, Badgerfur, Banjo, Barry, Fernshade, Kuro, Lavender, Mousetail, Redflower, Sagekit, Shiro, Thistlepaw, Thornpelt

Can anyone RP: Veeson may RP Fernshade.

Holiday Time: 22nd (tomorrow) to 27th (Saturday) of December.


"Point of information!" "SIT THE HECK DOWN!" 04:52, December 21, 2014 (UTC)


((just going to put this here rn in case I forget l8r)

Name: Jetfeather

RP Characters: Ice, Noru, Seapaw, Aotearoa, Wallachia, Sandfeather, Splashwing, Izaya, Mistkit, Ambersky, Rose, Moosepaw

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you?: Ice and Spotted with Splashwing???????? Tangle may rp Sandfeather and Rose when he comes back~

Approx. Vacation Time: 7th January - 17th

But like yeah I might be on sometimes during that time but for the most part not likely sorry


Such tragic souls are my favourite meal; Is it not fantastic, to be like a monster?


Name: Whitefeather09

RP Characters: Whitefeather, Amberflame, Silentwind, Eagle, Leafy, Fallensnow

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you?: Possibly Firey and Vee. Although Whitefeather is off-limits :3

Approx. Vacation Time: From 12/22 to around 01/01/15.

Merry Christmas and Happy New years~

- Whitefeather is Out -


Name: FrostyBee123

RP Characters: Mercury, Vokki, Jetstorm, Breezes, Leaves, Checkers, Swallowkit

Is anyone else allowed to RP for you?: Tangle can rp Mercury

Approx. Vacation Time: 3 weeks

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