aka Rainy, Rainsy, Queen Unicorn, Bunny

Bureaucrat Admin
  • I live in aboard the dawn treader
  • My occupation is finding neverland
  • I am a toasted marshmallow

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★ ★ ★

"We chase the wind and tide,

we chase the reasons why,

chase the spark inside each other's eyes."

Hello, fortunate traveler! You have stumbled upon the userpage of the amazing Rainsplash987- aka Queen Unicorn, Rainy, Rainz, Rainsy, and many more epical nicknames!

How I came up with my username: Well, I obviously wanted something related to Warriors for a Warriors-themed wiki, so I chose a name that I really liked. I honestly didn't know there was actually a Rainsplash in the Warriors series at this point, though I found out later. And Rainsplash was already taken, so I was about to try Rainsplash123... when I came up with an even more baws(???) idea! Why not 987? And voila!

Hm, a little bit about me... I adore both listening to and playing all sorts of music. Some of my favorite artists include Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Tenth Avenue North, Brandon Heath, & Owl City. I can usually be found at any given time with the volume up a ridiculous amount, dancing and singing (badly) like an idiot. As for instruments, I'm in band and I currently play the flute and alto saxophone. 

I have a passion for sugar and animals--not necessarily in that order. My favorite animal is the horse, but I'm totally obsessed, from tree kangaroos to geckos to wolves. I love writing and would love to be a published author someday.  I'm an admin on this wiki (for some weird reason...) so I can totally help you out if you need it! Just drop by my talk and leave me a message! Despite the rumors, I don't actually bite. In fact, I can be quite friendly. c:

"Desires are at war, we want that final shore,

sailing on till we find what we've been looking for..."

Stars in the Night

Tenth Avenue North

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