Mystical Moonstone

aka moon, mooboobn, musnrt

Bureaucrat Founder
  • I live in No.6
  • My occupation is dithering
  • I am (not) doing productive stuffs
please read this

I've been waiting for you, {{{1}}}.

lmao okay references aside, hey there! im Mystical Moonstone obviously and you can call me moon. or moonoom. or moo (but only when referring to mount roomoonooboo) or any other nickname you can come up with! you certainly won't hear any protests from me unless u choose M&M i hate that name burn it at the stake. (which is ironic bec as i write this im eating M&Ms)

im seventeen. yes thats insane omg im not ready to adult pls just think of me as a v capable child.

if u want my eternal and undying love give me a nickname for the love of everything ever.

i have less of a personality and more of an amalgam of stolen traits from random characters but still. im "secretly" nerdy, i really like coding and if you ask me to make you a siggie I will cry tears of joy, i will rpizzle if you pressure me enough, im really easy to make friends with... and also dont ask me about loz or hq or i will never shut up. u have been warned.

if you want to talk to me hmu at kik, tumblr, email, snapchat, or skype. kik works best, tumblr & email will still def get a response and the other two are p dicey ngl. basically just try my kik if u have one and my tumblr if not. ((hover over the text for the usernames)) ((i just realized that on mobile u might not be able to do that. uh. suffer i guess. kidding kidding if ur on mobile and u want them just ask lmao))

alright sO time to meet my family: Rainy, Brighty, Roo, Ninja, Firey, and BC. @the members of my family: that was organized haphazardly! i do not have favorites ily all ❤❤

yeah okay im out of stuff to say so uh check out my tumblr if u want more info on me or w/e. im so bad at conclusions drat it why does this happen to me *mic drop*

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