NightClan's Territory includes:

The Stream - A small, babbling brook weaves through a part of NightClan's territory. You may find some fish here, as well as plenty of prey. It leads to the Pine Copse and the Marsh.

The Waterfall - At the end of the stream, where the water cascades down over the rocks, many lush plants grow, providing a great spot to hunt and enjoy nature's beauty.

The Star Pool - A place that is off-limits without a medicine cat, the Star Pool is a beautiful, clear-as-crystal body of water where StarClan themselves meet with warriors.

The Pine Copse - A circle of trees that shelters many animals, providing them with food. It's also a common place to find rogues and loners. It leads to the Stream and the Training Ground.

SunStones - This haunt of NightClan is a pile of rocks at the edge of the territory. It is a place where cats come to bask in the sun, relax, or play on the stones.

The Training Ground - A place for apprentices (and some warriors) to train for battle. Not much prey is found here, but mentors often bring their apprentices. It leads to the Pine Copse and to the Herb Patch.

The Herb Patch - A good portion of forest that is rich with herbs. Medicine cats are most likely to gather herbs here. Because of the plentiful foliage, many small animals are found here. It leads to the Training Ground and the Marsh.

The Marsh - A swampy part of the forest. Frogs, snakes, and lizard are often found here. The Stream feeds into it, and may be followed back to the Pine Copse. The Herb Patch is also found nearby.

You can go back through the fern tunnel to the clearing.

Or, you can go back to the camp.

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