Sunwhisper (RPED by .Cinderflight)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Sunwhisper is an orange-and-white dappled she-cat, with black paws and one gray eye and one golden eye.
Personality: Bright, sunny, and friendly, she always tries to look on the bright side of things, being a naturally cheerful and bubbly she-cat. Despite being a young warrior, she can be bossy, and, on occasion, nosy. She strives to help her Clan above all else, but doesn't like fighting much, preferring to hunt.
History: She is Clanborn, but often feels a certain kinship with rogues and loners--but never kittypets. She stands up for loners in particular, stating that just because they're outside the warrior code doesn't mean that the cats of NightClan are so much better than them.
Family: Her mother is Mistfur, and her father is Badgerstripe. She has no siblings yet, but her mother is expected another litter.
Apprentices: Honeypaw