Secretfire (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Beautiful ginger she-cat with bright sky blue eyes.
Personality: Loyal, serious, and sometimes annoys her best friends Redstrike and Fuzzycloud with her smartness. Likes to outsmart foes and outspeed them as well. Likes to point out things others don't notice. Does what she thinks is right, but is a rule-follower, often trying to persuade Redstrike or Fuzzycloud from doing things against the Warrior Code. Is teased by her kittypet blood, and she is angered and sensitive about it. Redstrike and Fuzzycloud defend her, though. She hates being ridiculed for doing something wrong, and would be snappish about it, too.
History: Former kittpet, she left her Twolegs to join NightClan, where she met her best friends Redpaw and Fuzzypaw. She became a warrior alongside them.
Family: All kittypet born; Cocoa (mother), deceased father, Vincent (brother, alive)
Apprentices: Greypaw


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