This page is the official page for Quest 2. The comments section is for questions & Quest-related posts. Do NOT roleplay in the comments section of this page.



Welcome to NightClan's second quest. The cats that have signed up for it will embark on a perilous journey. You will face many obstacles and challenges, and conquer them together.

The Mission:

This season's mission is to locate and retrieve a group of NightClan cats who have mysteriously disappeared over the past few weeks. However, as the questing Clan cats will soon discover, figuring out why the cats went missing in the first place will reveal a whole lot more than one would expect. 


Please only roleplay your cat, the one that you chose and registered for the quest. Don't join in the quest unless you know you've been approved. If you're late, you have to message me here before joining. Also, I would really appreciate it if you guys tried to roleplay regularly. It makes things go smoother if everyone knows what's going on.

Important events(animal attacks, real battles with the rogues, a raging river, a storm, a fire, etc) will be roleplayed in special purple font. Everyone else is expected to join in the group RP. The only reason you can start another important event in special font is with permission. 

The Cats:

If your name is below you must RP at least once every week so that your cat can keep up on the quest, with the cat that you have selected :)

Rainy with Rainsplash

Firey with Flamepaw

Loud with Briarpelt

Brighty with Coldflower

Azure with Sepia

Wetty with Miststripe

Frosty with Breezes

Tangle with Thistlepaw

Kitty with Afterpaw

Vee with Ashdusk

Emerald with Emeraldfire

Fuzzy with Fernfrost

Tell me if I left you out please!

Missing Cats:

These are the cats that have disappeared, the ones that the questing cats are trying to find.








and more

The Quest:

Roleplay for this week here! Every participant must roleplay at least once. 

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