Owlshade (RPED by Phocoenidae)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Owlshade is a fluffy dark gray tabby tom with green eyes.
Personality: He is energetic, impatient and has a very short attention span. As an apprentice, he always felt like he was competing with his well-behaved sister for attention, and now as a grown warrior, he still occasionally feels unappreciated. Fortunately, he feels he has found his place in the clan and is fairly mature. Owlshade loses his temper with slow learning apprentices often. He sometimes comes off as rude and sarcastic, but never tries to be hurtful; he just doesn't think a lot of things through before he speaks.
History: Owlshade is clanborn. His sister drowned in the stream when they were apprentices, and for a long while after he felt guilty having never been very kind to her or showing any affection or admiration (which he had a lot of for her). His former mate, Shadowwind, disappeared moons ago and returned very recently. Although he won't admit it and tries his hardest to hide it, he still has feelings for her despite feeling horribly betrayed by her. He feels lonely a lot of the time, having lost his littermate and for some time his mate but never lets it show except occasionally to his surviving older sister.
Family: Larkpaw was his littermate, now deceased, and Hazelclaw is his sister from a different litter.
Apprentices: N/A


Warriors Owlpaw and Larkpaw