About NightClan!

NightClan is led by Stormstar, ever since previous leader Ivystar retired. Hazelclaw, our deputy, is currently ill. Our temporary deputy is Swiftsand. You can go to both of these cats for help with important things, or just for advice, but please don't waste their time; they have a Clan to run. Stormstar can typically be found in her den.

Our medicine cat is Brookwhisper, and she has two apprentices in training. If your cat is hurt, you can go to the Medicine Cat's Den for help and healing. Queens and elders especially rely on the medicine cat and her apprentices. 

A typical warrior's day in NightClan consists of hunting, fighting and training apprentices(or just private training to hone your skills). You can find out more about the types of prey available in Territory & Inhabitants, as well as what the NightClan terrain is like. 

NightClan is a firm follower of the warrior code, meaning we put our elders and queens first. Kits are always protected with the highest priority, and warriors and apprentices are expected to work to the best of their ability for the Clan. No excuses; the Clan is a family, and everyone must do their share. However, when its members fall ill, all of NightClan pitches in to help out. The bonds between the cats are very strong, and thus friendly RPs between cats are encouraged. 

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