This is a tutorial about how to get started on NightClan. Everyone must read this before you ask any questions about roleplaying and getting started on our wiki.

There is only one requirement that you must have in order to join: YOU MUST HAVE AN ACCOUNT. Also, please read the rules.

If you can't see the pictures, click on them to make them bigger.

To Join NightClan


Step 1: Under the "Roleplaying" tab, click on the subsection Join the Clan.


Step 2: Click on the Edit button directly under the title.


Step 3: Scroll ALL the way to the bottom of the page. This makes it easier for the admins to find your cat and approve it.


Step 4: Type all the information about your cat/cats by filling out the form (multiple times for multiple cats). Then leave your signature or just write something simple that identifies you (Example: -Icy).


Step 5: Press the publish button near the top of the page.


Step 6: Wait for an admin to approve your cat and you can start roleplaying.

How to Roleplay

So, after and only after you have gone through the tutorial up there, to make your cats, and when a admin has approved it, you may finally begin to roleplay!

First, go to a territory of your choice. Such as...

The Marsh

The Stream

The Herb Patch

The Training Ground

The Waterfall and finally, 


Next, scroll down to the comments, and click the box that should be there! Now, write your roleplay with the character you made.  Roleplays are little clips of stories about what your character does. For example; 

Gingerstripe sat on a rock, bathing in the sun. 

And you have roleplayed! Tell your friend you've rped and can reply!

Note: If continuing a roleplay, simply find the "reply" button at the bottom-right of the first roleplayer's comment, click it, and roleplay there!

Note #2: Remember to roleplay according to your cat's persona, and that the way another roleplayer's cat treats yours is centred on their personality! (i.e.: Just because another's cat is being mean to your cat, doesn't mean they're actually being mean to you yourself — it's just a roleplay, and they're just roleplaying their cat according to its personality). Likewise, be sure to follow your cat's personality, else it'll be fairly taxing to roleplay with you (for example, if you have an allegedly kind cat, but you roleplay them attacking another cat for no good reason)

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