Akari (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Akari is a mostly grey she-cat with a few white patches here and there. She has long paws, amber eyes and various battle scars.
Personality: Akari is very blunt, sarcastic and to the point. She voices her opinion and doesn't care if someone is offended by it. She hates losing and, if another cat argues with her, she will turn it in to a debate until she wins. Akari is stubborn and always believes that she is right, no matter what evidence there is to prove otherwise. She is an extremely viscious fighter and gets really angry when provoked. She only cares about herself, and believes in survival of the fittest. Akari doesn't care about Clan boundaries/Clan rules (she thinks they are ridiculous), so she is often found in Clan territory and will often take a mouse or two. Akari is annoyed very easily and is usually very threatening when she is annoyed (for example, threatening to harm others). She doesn't have any friends (or rather, anyone she counts as a friend), but has a few acquaintances. She doesn't take orders from anyone and gets angry at those who try to order her around. She likes to have things her own way and usually gets them her way through her stubbornness.
History: Akari has killed a few cats due to her viscious nature. She was born in to a rogue family but separated from them at a young age. Because of this, she had to learn to hunt and defended herself from others. She has only had herself to look after for a long time. This is why she usually only cares about herself. Akari has travelled frequently; she never stays in one place for long, as she does not not like to draw attention to herself.
Family: Unknown rogues


Akihiro (RPED by Sarah.H-B)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Scarred light-cream tom with torn fur, blue eyes, and white paws. He is also quite small.
Personality: Akihiro is rather quiet and shy, and doesn't prefer to get involved with anything. He is lonely from his past, and doesn't like to talk about it very much.
History: N/A
Family: Unknown


Amber Sky (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: She is a pale golden-brown she-cat with bright amber eyes. She has short fur and a long tail. Lighter tufts of fur on her eartips. She has a lithe build, slender legs, and small paws. Her movements are considered 'graceful' by some.
Personality: Amber is a snappish, arrogant cat with almost no patience whatsoever. Despite this, she acts kinder toward kits. If a cat becomes her enemy, they're her enemy forever, no apologies accepted (sorry not sorry). If a cat decides to become her friend, she's loyal to them with no questions asked. She treats Banjo like a brother. Amber can seem cold and unforgiving at first sight, but deep inside her frozen, twisted soul she's actually a good cat. She hates the Clan and all cats from it, and acts extremely hostile toward them, unless they're a kit. She believes that all kits (and some apprentices) are innocent, no matter what others say.
History: Amber Sky was born with her brothers, Dark Spots and Silver Ripple, to two rogues. Their parents taught them everything they had to know before, as the tradition goes, leaving them to fend on their own at ten moons old. The three siblings stayed together for a long time, never once leaving each other's side. They lived in many places as they travelled, and eventually stopped at NightClan territory, deciding that it was perfect. They hadn't known about the Clan until a patrol tried to chase them out. During this, Dark Spots slipped into the Stream. He hadn't been taught to swim, and he drowned despite the Clan cats' and Amber's attempts to rescue him. Silver Ripple had tried to save him, but he failed and drowned as well. Amber attacked the Clan cats and retreated shortly after, and is plotting revenge on the Clan. She is part of Banjo's plan to get his kits back.
Family: Dark Spots, Silver Ripple (brothers, both deceased); Fox Leap (mother, unknown); Cloudy Sky (father, unknown)

Amber sky

Aqua (RPED by Tallstar007)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Blue and white she-cat with slender legs and tail.
Personality: Puts other's needs in front of her's likes to use ninja-like attacks.
History: TBA
Family: Brother: Earth


Arrow (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: He is a scrawny, tall, golden-brown furred tom with blue eyes, has scars on the right side of his face that makes the shape of an arrow.
Personality: He is a very quiet and shy, but he stands up for what is right, and is sweet, funny, and warm once you get to know him.
History: He was born a kittypet and abandoned with his siblings to be a loner.
Family: Sisters: Yogurt and Sakura, Brother: Rex

Aster (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Aster is a black and white cat with sleek fur and amber eyes. He has soft paws like his brothers. Quite obese. Medium sized; not tall, but not small.
Personality: Goofball, glutton, snob, lazy.
History: Born a kittypet, Aster and his littermate Azure were tough little kitties when they were young. Their owner has had them since they were born, who happens to be an elderly woman living at a farm. There's no animals there anymore, just her and the three toms. Her husband died years ago and she had to sell all the livestock. Happy with his life, he enjoys eating a lot and playing around with his brothers, Marvel and Azure.
Family: Marvel, Azure


Avicii (RPED by GJHUSKY)

Rank: Loner/rogue
Appearance: Golden she-cat with blue-grey splotches
Personality: Easygoing, calm, cheerful, optomistic, but would sacrifice anyone in order for her loved ones to stay safe.
History: Alleycat
Family: Brothers: Sweden, Tim


Aya (RPED by Loudclaw)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Dark gray, near black she-cat with a long tail .She has very dark blue eyes, with large ears. The only added markings on her pelt are a few darker stripes, making her a tabby.
Personality: Unlike her very dark appearance, she's actually a very kind cat. In keeping with her appearance, though, she's a bit shy, but will easily get over that over time. Being as young as she is (about 10 moons) she's a bit naive, but she enjoys the night... She's also perfectly willing to fight for herself, if she needs to.
History: She was born and named in hoping she'd have a colorful spirit, not a dark one like her pelt was. Simply put, she and the rest of her littermates left at 5 moons, as was the custom in her family. Ever since, she's been living alone.
Family: Both parents are loners, her sister is a loner, and her brother is a rogue.

Azure (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Azure is a black and white cat with sleek fur and azure blue eyes, which is where he gets his name from. He has soft paws like his brothers. Quite tall, he is notably handsome with his long legs which can make him run far distances.
Personality: Adventurous, fierce, active, caring.
History: Born a kittypet, Azure and his littermate Aster were tough little kitties when they were young. Their owner has had them since they were born, who happens to be an elderly woman living at a farm. There's no animals there anymore, just her and the three toms. Her husband died years ago and she had to sell all the livestock. Happy with his life, he enjoys running and playing around with his brothers, Marvel and Aster.
Family: Marvel, Aster


Banjo (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: He's a short-haired black tom with piercing blue eyes.
Personality: He is mean and nasty at heart, but deceives she-cats with his charm. He is very fierce and defensive and a strong fighter. He will not stop fighting until he has injured or killed the cat, or until he is driven away. He secretly hungers for NightClan's territory. Banjo has a very short temper, and is prone to rather violent and vicious outbursts. He has very few friends, but makes various alliances. Secretly, Banjo cares for his kits and wishes them to have the best life possible. He believes that turning them in to Clan cats will weaken them, which is why he keeps trying to "steal" them back.
History: He used to be mates with Lavender. He has no interest in weak cats whatsoever, and has disowned his son, Seakit, due to his "deformity". He knows Thornpelt, as he was friends with him when he was exiled. Banjo has also tried many times to get his kits back. He once kidnapped Ivykit, and even managed to grab all five of his kits before being stopped at the camp entrance. Recently, in another effort to get them back, he has kidnapped Shadekit. He is using Shadekit as a bargaining tool, and intends to give the kit back, but only in exchange for his kits.
Family: Mate: Lavender (formerly), Daughters: Cherrykit, Moosepaw. Sons: Thistlepaw, Seapaw, Oakkit


Barry (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: Loner/Kittypet
Appearance: Barry is a neatly kept smoky grey short-haired tom with yellow eyes. He has an abnormally short tail.
Personality: Barry is almost always cheerful and very optimistic, to the point of being very annoying. He is a peacemaker, always doing the right thing, never causing any fights. When in a hostile situation, he will always remain calm and usually try to talk his way out of it. Barry is very friendly and has never met a cat he didn't like. He tends to talk in a cockney British accent, chopping the t and h off of words, which most find very annoying.Despite prefering to stay away from fighting situations, Barry is a very skilled fighter and will fight when he is forced to.
History: Barry has a very dark past that he doesn't like to talk about. When he was young, he stayed with a certain group of rogues, who were at war with another more vicious group. One night, the other group attacked, and most of Barry's friends and family were killed. From then on, he vowed never to be in another fight.He was forced to make a long jounrey after this fight, to make sure he was well away from the rogue group in case they came back. Since then, he has spent the remainder of his days wandering in and out of twoleg houses, and wandering around the forest and NightClan territory.
Family: All deceased. They were killed in the battle.


Bear (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: He is a very fat black and brown cat with amber eyes
Personality: He is very lazy,and rarely does any physical activities. He is rather social and has many friends. He doesn't like to be bothered while sleeping.
History: He was born a kittypet with his brother and sister. His two-legs thought that Snow and Jayheart weren't cute enough for them, so they threw them away. When Bear was a kitten his Two-legs gave him to their daughter,who over-fed him,making him very fat. When he tried to run for the first time, he fell, and his two-legs scolded him,causing him to dislike physical activity.
Family: Snow (sister), Jayheart (brother)

Bouncefire (RPED by -)

Rank: StarClan Cat
Appearance: He is a small calico tom with blue eyes.
Personality: He is energetic, lithe, and impatient. Makes threats he won't actually carry out. Is always hungry and hunts quickly, 'to get it over with.' He is loud, not afraid to voice his opinions. Bouncefire is easily bored, and HATES intruders. He is sarcastic as much as he is talkative. Can be annoying. VERY annoying. Bouncefire can be easily impressed. Can be fooled by any cat.
History: Clanborn
Family: Mate: Gabby, Kits: Dingo, Leo and Norah, Mother: Moonfire, Father: Fallenleaf, Sister: Blazepaw.


Checkers (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: White she-cat with bright, violet eyes and black paws, black patches around her eyes, black striped tail and black streaks down her back. Quite sleek, yet fluffy paws and fluffy tail. Average sized.
Personality: Very fast, not too good at forest and open field hunting, loves to fish and is quite good at it. Hangs out around the Stream and nearby places. Friendly, and doesn't like fighting or arguments. She will only join a fight if she believes it is the right thing to and thinks it is necessary.
History: Was originally a kittypet (hence the strange name) and has no memory of her mother, father or siblings. Though she is still quite young, it seems to her that she was with her housefolk for a lifetime as she grew up and matured there. On an actually quite sunny day, her housefolk moved out. Leaving her with lots of cuddles they left her behind, giving her to their friend. She had no idea why she was being kept in a new house and ran away. Grief-stricken and confused, she ended up by a stream and remembered watching another cat in her neighbourhood fishing in the park lake. She soon taught herself how to do it and mastered the craft. Forced to move on because of a fox, she wandered into NightClan territory and was terrified of the clan cats. She soon realised though, that it was not all bad. She built a den near the Stream and avoided the clan cats as much as possible. Nowadays, she visits all the places in the territory and talks to the clan cats when they pass by, though she would never go in the camp.
Family: Unknown


Cocoa (RPED by AzureAzulCrash)

Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Brown she-cat with green eyes and a red collar.
Personality: Shy, but brave in times of need for her twolegs. She likes water but doesn't like being dirty and loves her twolegs dearly. She also doesn't like people she doesn't know.
History: Adopted by twolegs from a cat orphanage. Recently one of her twolegs died due to a disease; Cocoa was distraught when that happened. Currently she lives with her mother twoleg and her kit.
Family: Secretfire (Daughter) Vincent (Son)


Crimson (RPED by WilliamCliffston)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: A vibrant red pelt with a white underbelly, and two black stripes on the tail. Legs are white, and left forepaw is a faint grey. Green eyes, and black ears. Retains a large scar on the right shoulder that stretches over the back.
Personality: Intelligent, and well coordinated. Can break into a berserk state if exposed to hatred, or greatly unfair situations. Prefers to be alone, but is friendly with those who are close.
History: Him and his family traveled aimlessly in the city, with no real home. A two leg had gotten very angry once when it had found Crimson and his family near his home, and called more twolegs with guns (cops), shot the family dead and crimson barely escaped, getting injured by one of the twolegs. (The reason, unknown to crimson, is because the Man who called the cops was reporting rabid cats)
Family: Mother, Father, and Sister, all names unknown. Deceased.


Darky (RPED by The Unknown Afterlife)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Grayish with yellow stripes on his ears, tail and three rings on his abdomen the same color as his stripes.
Personality: less trusting, sometimes cold. He likes knowing what's going on.
History: N/A only known to Swifty and Darky and they wont tell.
Family: Swifty (Twin brother)
Apprentices: Can see well in the dark, but his attacks in daylight are kind of inaccurate and sometimes completely blind luck if he hits or not. He does much better in darkness


Eagle (RPED by Whitefeather09)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Eagle is a smoky-black tom with long fur, patches of ginger, brown, and gray fur, a long thick tail, and yellow eyes.
Personality: Eagle is cruel, and cold-hearted, and is willing to kill anything that stands in his way. He doesn't exactly enjoy killing, but doesn't hate it either. He has absolutely no mercy, and would gladly tear the clan apart one by one after they killed his brother for no reason. The only cat he was actually close to was his brother.
History: Eagle was born into the clan as Eaglekit, with his brother, Hawkkit. They were extremely close, and did everything together, even as apprentices. At this time, he followed the warrior code with his heart, and could never dream of killing a cat. When they became apprentices, however, now Hawkflame was attacked by another cat in the clan. Hawkflame killed the cat, but bystanders saw only Hawkflame committing the "murder." The leader of the group, Splashpelt, killed Hawkflame, just as Eaglefire arrived. Eaglefire killed Splashpelt mercilessly, just as Stormstar arrived. Stormstar stripped Eaglefire of his name down to Eagle, and banished him from the clan. From that moment on, Eagle swore revenge on NightClan.
Family: Dovefur (Mother, desceased), Falcontail (Father, desceased), Hawkflame (Brother, desceased)


Fern (RPED by Tornshine)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Pretty golden and black she-cat with large green eyes.
Personality: Fern is shy, and untrusting of strangers. She hates when fights break out, but fights if she really has to. Fern is loyal and a great friend, only talking to those lucky enough to have her friendship.
History: See Birch.
Family: Brother is Birch.


Finch (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Finch is a light and graceful black tipped silver cat with ocean blue eyes. His pelt is usually well-groomed, but he doesn't obsess over it. He has a long, slender tail, and he is very light on his paws.
Personality: Finch is a traitorous cat, always being with the cat that has the most power. He hides behind others, and is always gone before he can be blamed for his actions. Finch is swift, and a great fighter, graceful in his movements. He could be considered handsome, but settling down with a mate is the opposite of the life he wants to have. Finch wants to enjoy the action of the fight, but never face the consquences. He's a smart cat, knowing when to stay and when to run, and he is a great planner. He's cocky, often insulting Clan cats. He's taken a dislike to them, no matter how powerful they are, he hates how they treat all outsiders like dirt, and want them to see how that feels.
History: Finch was born and raised a rogue, taught to fight and hunt by his parents, Lilac and Chillan. His siblings never liked the life of a rogue, and quickly all left to become kittypets. This left Finch with a growing ego that he was the strongest, and he began to get into fights with any cats. But he went back to his nest one day and his parents were gone, and he realized he had no one to protect him. Finch, still a reasonably young cat, made the biggest mistake of his life when he looked for protection yet again. He fought with Star. Star was defeated, and Finch left unscathed. He is still looking for protection, and wants to join Banjo.
Family: Parents: Lilac and Chillan(deceased) Siblings: Haylee, Redlo, and Smoky(kittypets)


Flare (RPED by Tornshine)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Bright orange she-cat with round amber eyes.
Personality: Flare is often a cheerful and ,curios kit.Flare has a tendency to go out and wonder the forest when Gale is not home ,AND often gets her and her sister in serious problems.Flare is mostly happy,sweet and very very inquisitive, but when angered watch out because this 3 moon old kit becomes a super dangerous warrior. Flare is named for her color and her strange love of fire.(much to gale's dismay)
History: Flare was born in her parent's second litter soon upon her birth her parents where killed in a fire and Gale her older sister was forced to raise her alone.She and her sister live near the Pine Copse.
Family: Unnamed parents(DEAD)


Franziska (RPED by Bluestar&Brightheart)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: White she-cat, with fluffy fur, and turquiose blue eyes
Personality: Franziska tends to be cold, arrogant, and unrelenting towards most cats she meets. Her father had pressured her into perfectionism at a young age, and even now, it still haunts her. She often swats cats with her claws to prove she's not weak, but she can easily lose her cool, when confronted. She always belived that perfectionism was everything, as it was all she ever learned. Anything but was punished heavily. But, she has learned from her mistakes, and does have a few friends, though she considers most her rivals. As well as speaking rather formally, she has a tendancy she refers to everyone by their entire name, and title. (Ex. NightClan Leader, Stormstar!) She also constantly uses the word 'fool' in conversations, and varations of said word.
History: When Franziska was quite young, her father brought an orphaned cat the stay with her, and her older sister. He, along with Franziska, and her sister, were all taught that perfection was all that mettered in life. He was relentless, and was a fearsome cat at the time. Eventually, Franziska's mother left, taking Anika with her. Franziska opted to stay, as she was far deeper in this mess than her older sister. She and Miles, who had become her adopted brother, were taught to attack cats that they met, and soon, became almost as feared as their father, Manfred. Eventually, Manfred was captured by NightClan, and executed for his crimes. Miles dissappeared from Franziska's life, and she remained an enemy to NightClan. Still, she made due with what she could, and is generally respectful of the borders. She stills treats any cat she meets like dirt, but she has no plans of murdering them.
Family: Manfred (Father, deceased) Nadine (Mother, status unknown) Anika (Sister, status unknown) Miles, (Adopted brother, status unknown)


Frosty (RPED by Wetstream)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Fluffy silver she-cat with yellow eyes and tufted ears.
Personality: She is loud and excited. Frosty likes to interrupt other rogue's conversations, butting herself into the spotlight. However, she doesn't think twice before flashing her teeth at somebody if they anger her. She is very hotheaded and tends to jump to conclusions easily. She is quite the fighter however, but manages to cool down before she is forced to really harm another cat.
History: She was born a kittypet with her siblings and mother. Upon being abandoned in the streets, she learned how to survive in the wild. Frosty had a knack for climbing trees and hunting with Nibbles, her sister, so her family would live. After moons of getting use to loner life, her mother decided to become a kittypet with Nibbles. Frosty and her brother, Stratus declined, while their other sister, Misty, chose to find a group of cats to join. Frosty and Stratus then became rogues, fighting and stealing to survive the harsh conditions of the forest. Her brother believes he must protect and defend her against other rogues, but she is usually the one protecting him.
Family: Mother: Lilac, Sisters: Nibbles, Miststripe (formally Misty), Brother: Stratus


Gabby (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: A beautiful ginger-striped she-cat with gorgeous sapphire blue eyes, along with soft paws and fluffy fur.
Personality: Playful, cheeky, shy, discipline, smiley.
History: Gabby was born as 'Babs' at an abandoned warehouse to Cloudy. Their Twoleg owners were evil and bred cats for money. They often hurt the cats. The Twolegs abused Babs several times which caused her to run away. Soon adopted by a kind elderly woman, she renamed her to Gabby. She lived with her owner at a cozy farm, but the elder soon died, leaving the she-cat sad. She became a loner, but afterwards, she joined NightClan happily as an apprentice. Gabby was then an experienced Warrior. She accidentally killed Frostflight, not knowing she was a NightClan member and mistaking her for a rogue, so Stormstar kicked Gabby out of the clan. Afterwards, she became mates with Bouncefire and had three kits, but a mysterious fire struck the forest and killed them. Gabby now wanders alone and depressed. She has two long lost sisters known as Runningpaw and Foxkit.
Family: Runningpaw (sister)
Foxkit (sister)
Bouncefire (mate; deceased)
Norah (daughter; deceased)
Dingo and Leo (sons; deceased)
Cloudy (mother; deceased)


Gale (RPED by Tornshine)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Solid jet black she-cat with cold blue eyes.
Personality: Gale is not what you'd imagine of a older sister .Sure she takes care of her sister but that's not all. Ever since the night of her parent's death, Gale has been a sad, fragile she-cat.Flare is her only reason to keep living.In battle Gale is fierce,brave and will wound (and occasionally kill) with out mercy in the sake to protect her loved ones.
History: Gale was born in her parent's first litter with her brother Ash who soon died.Due that they were close Gale's only happiness came form her parents. When Flare was born Gale promised to care for her,and upon her parent's death Gale's choices where DIE or LIVE. She chose to live to care for her only happiness Flare.
Family: Unnamed parents(DEAD) Ash(Brother DEAD) Flare(Sister Living)


Germouser (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Dark grey tom with blue eyes
Personality: The strict and rule-abiding soldier type. He has a tendency to over-rely on manuals for orderliness, he finds himself running into trouble whenever there's a misunderstanding, and is a neat-freak. He is friends with Itabby
History: N/A
Family: Brothers: Austria & Prussia


Ghost (RPED by Phocoenidae)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Skinny white she-cat with one blue and one green eye, and small, dainty paws.
Personality: Very talkative. Ghost, despite her name, is hard to miss. She loves attention, though she gets nervous in front of crowds. She is very outgoing, and open with her feelings, and is mostly optimistic and cheerful. Ghost is very kit-like without meaning to be; she is a slow learner and has a hard time grasping simple skills in many cases. She believes life is something to enjoy rather than preserve at all costs, and is not smart in avoiding dangerous situations.
History: She was born to rogues and taught to value her freedom. She looks down on clan cats, believing it foolish to put anyone's well-being before your own in any way. She and her brother left their parents as soon as they were able, as do most rogues. The two littermates stayed together for a long while until Ghost started to feel like Abyss was looking down on her too much, and she left to prove her worth and gain more freedom.
Family: Her parents were rogues whom she left at a young age. Her brother is Abyss.

Glozziarr (RPED by Robinclawshe-cat)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Glozziarr is a pitch black tom with a single blotch on his throat (White in color). His eyes are a deep umber, with crimson and mango working into the eye. His fur is often extremely messy. However never tangled. Glozziarrs' paws are quite large, compared to his overall body size. He has a single pierced ear, containing a small loop earring. (Due to twoleg owners).
Personality: Glozziarr attempts to be Goth, though often fails at perfecting the antic. He utterly hates himself, often causing him to try suicide, somehow always failing. His short-tempered attitude, to his dismay, makes him an interesting act during quarrels with other cats. He doesn't like being near other cats, save his close friends. He often gets in s.exual incidents with other cats, no matter the gender. Glozziarr Is a good fighter, though his flaws rely on the fact that his lack of muscle strength usually pulls him from battle swiftly. Glozziarr has a tendency to pick flowers, and set them in a river or stream, watching as they flew across the water. The flowers are always pink.
History: Glozziarr was born a kittypet, and had a normal, housecat, lifestyle. Yet his twolegs had pierced his right ear, setting a small metal bit within it (earring). Otherwise overall he was happy. Until he met his teenage months. (About nine months of age). He fell in love with a younger she named Ibis, a reddish brown tabby she. They madly loved each other, for about three months. But Glozziarr's bliss ended when Ibis tragically died. She had wandered into the forest, and quickly landed upon a fox and it's kits. Glozziarr had found her body, torn and gory, strangely (to a fox's extent) left to rot. After this, Glozziarr fled into the forest, praying to his own gods that he'd die as well, to join his beloved. Though no matter how hard he tried, something always ceased him from suicidal missions. His mental disease grew, to the extent where he was incapable of sanity. He wandered the forest for months, (seventeen to be exact), hoping somehow he'd find a path to hope once more, instead of appearing to cats as a psychopathic, crazed, homicidal.

Hikaru (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Hikaru is a small, lithe light grey tabby tom with short fur. He has bright amber eyes, and a white chest and white streaks on his face. His legs are somewhat short and he has a nick in one ear.
Personality: Hikaru is always optimistic and carefree, and his voice is always cheery and bright. He is rather immature compared to his friend Nightmare, who he often hangs out with. He doesn't fight, and avoids all battles - even if one's already in session right in front of him. Hikaru dislikes cats he sees as "boring". He is always coming up with ways to tease/annoy other cats, but it's all for fun. He dislikes rules as well, and refuses to follow them.
History: As a kit, Hikaru was a kittypet in a secluded Twoleg nest at the edge of the forest. When his owner died in a fire, the remains of the house were torn down and the young Hikaru was forced to move. His sister stayed behind and Hikaru hasn't seen her since. Hikaru wasn't used to living in the wild; he knew next to nothing about hunting or fighting. While he traveled to find a new home he learned about the Clan, and was interested in joining them at one point. He eventually decided against it because of his tendency to ignore rules. Instead he set up a den at the Herb Patch, but he isn't found there too often.
Family: One sister (status unknown)

Hinti (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Hinti is a black tom with white ears, paws, muzzle, a white tipped tail and bright amber eyes. He looks almost identical to his brother, Hinto, except he has a white patch over his left eye, where Hinto's is over his right.
Personality: Hinti has a joking attitude and is mischievous. He and his brother are so similar, so the two are often confused. Because of this, he often pretends to be Hinto, then tells the truth and runs away laughing. Unlike his brother, Hinti does not hold grudges.
History: Hinti stumbled on to NightClan territory with his brother Hinto while trying to find a nice home. While some Clan cats were rude and attempted to chase them away, others were nice, so they decided to settle down. One day, purely as a joke, Hinti & Hinto discussed plans to destroy NightClan and kill Ivystar. Some warriors overheard them and, mistaking the jokes for being serious, rushed to tell Ivystar, who sent a patrol to attack them in response. The warriors decided that Hinti & Hinto should be attacked and not just killed, and during the battle, Hinti nearly died. In time, Hinti forgave the Clan cats, but his brother did not share the forgiveness. So, when Banjo approached them to seek help with getting his kits back, Hinto happily agreed, and Hinti followed along obediently.
Family: Brother: Hinto, Unknown Parents (deceased)


Hinto (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Hinto is a black tom with white ears, paws, muzzle, a white tipped tail and bright amber eyes. He looks almost identical to his brother, Hinti, except he has a white patch over his right eye, where Hinti's is over his left.
Personality: Hinto has a joking attitude and is mischievous. He and his brother are so similar, so the two are often confused. Because of this, he often pretends to be Hinti, then tells the truth and runs away laughing. Hinto tends to hold grudges a lot more than his brother does.
History: The brothers stumbled on to NightClan territory while trying to find a nice home. While some Clan cats were rude and attempted to chase them away, others were nice, so they decided to settle down. One day, purely as a joke, Hinti & Hinto discussed plans to destroy NightClan and kill Ivystar. Some warriors overheard them and, mistaking the jokes for being serious, rushed to tell Ivystar, who sent a patrol to attack them in response. The warriors decided that Hinti & Hinto should be attacked and not just killed, and during the battle, Hinti nearly died. In time, Hinti forgave the Clan cats, but Hinto was not so easily forgiving. So, when Banjo approached them to seek help with getting his kits back, he happily agreed, and Hinti followed along obediently.
Family: Brother: Hinti, Unknown Parents (deceased)


Hoshi (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Hoshi is a light brown she-cat with flaring green eyes. She has darker brown stripes and swirls throughout her pelt, and brown rings on her tail. She has white paws, and a white belly.
Personality: She's absolutely headstrong, even for a kit. She doesn't care what the danger is, but she'll charge in if she thinks it's the right thing to do. She loves other cats, though she can be pretty prickly when she first meets a cat. If you make a bad impression, she won't even bother being friends. Even though she's nosy and reckless, she's also very caring when it comes to her family and friends.
History: Born from Moon and Rex just recently (I'll make a history when she gets older)
Family: Moon (Mother), Rex (Father), Mercury and Stardust (brothers), Comet and Night (sisters)


Inigo (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: He is a lithe, short-furred pale blue(ish-greyish) tom with soft, light blue eyes. He has small paws and a short tail. There is a nick in his left ear, and the tip of his right ear is missing.
Personality: Inigo is sensitive, shy, and pessimistic, to summarize his entire personality. He tries to conceal his negative side by acting optimistic and stronger than he really is. He wants himself to seem invincible, but that's only because he doesn't want anyone to get worried about him. He's also very sensitive, and his mood can quickly change based on what's happening. He's also a really shy when he's stared at by a lot of other cats.
History: Inigo was born in a place far away where an evil band of cats ruled. The place was a disaster, and cats were captured and enslaved by the group. His mother had been captured earlier. His mother, after trying to escape, was killed by the leader of the group. Later, when Inigo was five moons old, he somehow managed to escape and run far away, but his sister Morgan couldn't escape with him, so he'd assumed that she had been killed. He found his way to NightClan territory, where he managed to make a living and teach himself to hunt. He lives in the Pine Copse.
Family: His mother is deceased. His father's status is unknown, but his name was Snarl. His sister is Morgan.


Izaya (RPED by Jetfeather)

Rank: Kittypet/Loner
Appearance: Black tom with auburn eyes and thick fur, and an even thicker dark cream neckruff and tailtip.
Personality: Izaya has the outward appearance and expression of one who is extremely crafty and confident. He claims to love other cats as one loves toys, and greatly enjoys putting people in miserable, uncomfortable or chaotic situations in order to observe their reactions via giving out or alluding to (probably private) information. Izaya is cunning, can be described as hedonistic, sadistic and charming, and has a very jolly and mocking personality, speaking informally with most people as if they are close friends and often using nicknames for others without warning. If there is a conflict, he usually plays on both sides, so that whoever wins, he will have an advantage. Although Izaya enjoys conflict, often showing up wherever there is potential for one, he usually stays out of it, preferring to observe the fight instead of directly taking part in it.Therefore he is usually seen as the one starting fights, but hiding in the shadows instead of directly taking part. Despite this, he is an able fighter when he needs to be.
History: Unknown
Family: Unknown


Jet (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Brown tabby tom with a single black paw (left back paw) and vivid green eyes.
Personality: Determined to do anything he sets his mind to and brave, almost to the point where it endangers him. He will always be ready to help a NightClanner in need and will try to help kits in danger. Not the most amazing fighter ever, but is a superb hunter. Normally quite easy going and friendly around his friends and friends of his friends. He is in love with Mouse.
History: Born and raised in NightClan, being named Jetstorm as a warrior. Father died from greencough and his mother drowned. With the loss of his parents, and having no littermates, he opened up completely to his clanmates to avoid being lonely and started searching for a mate. Fell in love with Mousetail and because of this when she decided to leave the Clan he followed her and they became mates. Renamed as a loner, now called Jet.
Family: Deceased.
Apprentices: N/A

Kitkat (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: light brown tabby with brilliant green eyes. Despite having thin fur, she has a significantly bushy tail.
Personality: A sassy she-cat like her friend Frosty and always quick to react. Her tongue is sharp, and her tone is almost never friendly. She's cocky, and though her fighting skills are sharp, she's horrible at hunting. She also loves to groom her fur, and she grooms it constantly to make sure there isn't any "dust" on it. If she sees anything on her fur, she goes insane and she abandons whatever she's doing and just continues to groom her fur, even in danger.
History: Kitkat's mother was actually a Clan cat, which one, Kitkat doesn't know. Long ago, her mother left NightClan and made Kitkat into a rogue. When she was born, she actually had a younger brother, but he died. Kitkat loves to talk about other cats, and she hangs out mostly with her best friend, Frosty.
Family: Mother is deceased, father she never knew. Little brother is also dead from sickness. Best friend, Frosty


Kuro (RPED by Tanglefrost101)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Small, muscular black tom with green eyes.
Personality: He is calm, polite and quiet. He prefers to stay away from the Clans as he is scared of them and doesn't want to cause a fight.
History: Born to rogue parents as part of a group of rogues, but they cast him out due to his size.
Family: Sister: Shiro


Lakkris (RPED by Fuzzypelt)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Russet colored tom with a twisted looking tail and dark pale green eyes.
Personality: He is a very serious cat when you first meet him, hissing at every mistake you make if he sees it happen and would most likely attack as well. He is very intimidating. But after you're through that phase is a really nice and lovable cat who would attack anyone that will hurt his new found friend. But if you leave him or hurt him you will never gain his trust ever again. He also has trust issues.
History: He used to be a kind kittypet until everyone, even his mother, abandoned him in the woods of NightClan where he had grown up at.
Family: Unknown


Leafy (RPED by Whitefeather09)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Leafy is a dappled brown-black-ginger torbie she-cat with black tabby stripes and a long, thin tail. Her eyes are a leafy yellowy-green, and she has a snow-white throat, chest, belly, and basically her underside, along with her front paws and hind paws.
Personality: Leafy is a friendly and outgoing cat who really wants to be friends with everyone. However, she can be easily stressed by not getting enough sleep, or being woken from a nap, and she can be really snarky. But most of the time, she's really social and talks a lot with other cats, not really caring what others say about her or the cats she talks to. She doesn't understand anything about the warrior cat clans, and asks a lot of questions about it. She's also very curious and slightly nosy, although she hates gossip.
History: Leafy was born as a kittypet, but didn't like the life of a kittypet since it was so controlled, so she left her Twolegs, and ran around freely. Another reason she left was because of her old name, Fluffy. She became a loner, and named herself Leafy after another loner described her eyes like greenleaf leaves.
Family: Cola (Mother, status unknown), Oka (Father, status unknown), Fuzzy (Sister, status unknown), Snowball (Brother, status unknown)


Leaves Fallen in Autumn (Leaves) (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Cream she-cat with a white muzzle. Has heterochromia iridium, so one of her eyes is blue and the other is pale green.
Personality: Very cheerful, sometimes to the point where it's annoying. Quite bright and picks up on things very easily. She is very forgiving and refuses to hold a grudge, and is quite determined when she sets her mind to something. Leaves is also a pacifist because of what happened to her mother.
History: Born as a loner to a rogue mother and a NightClan father, though no one knows who her dad is or his name. Her mother was attacked and killed by a fox, and Leaves, after witnessing the incident, ran away and grew up mostly alone, until being reunited with her sister and joining NightClan because Breezes joined.
Family: Sister: Grass Sways in Breeze



Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Len is a medium haired golden tabby tom with markings and much like his twin sister Rin. He has a thick tuft of hair at the back of his head and a stumpy tail. He has blue eyes.
Personality: Len is much the opposite to his sister. He often leaves home to take care of his sister in case she runs into trouble. He normally refuses to leave home otherwise. He is allocentric and optimistic. Always seeming cheerful despite situation. He can be demanding towards Rin if necessary.
History: Len is a kittypet like his twin sister and they roam around Nightclan territory. His owner is a Vocaloid obsessed Otaku who names his pets after certain things of that genre. He follows Rin when she leaves home.
Family: Rin (sister), Usui (father), Nanami (mother) [All kittypets/rogues]

Lily (RPED by AzureAzulCrash)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: White Persian with amethyst eyes. She has a scar on her back.
Personality: Quite shy, but can be stubborn.
History: Lily was originally a kittypet, but escaped and winded up being a loner.
Family: None.

Lizzy (RPED by Mistybrook)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Calico she-cat with blue eyes.
Personality: She is curious about the Clan cats, and always wonders what Clan cats do. She is brave and loyal, but not very honest at times.
History: Unknown
Family: Unknown


Lyenix (RPED by Shadowed Crystal)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Dark gray tabby with one teal eye (he lost his other eye a while ago). Has white paws.
Personality: Literally the biggest brat you'd ever meet. Basically, he's a sadistic, derisive little liar who takes an interest in causing trouble in the clans and with other cats. Why? Because he thinks it's funny. Besides, he could kill someone and get away with it by framing some other guy. Lyenix is in no way loyal, which is why he wouldn't fit in the clans. He tends to be prideful and snarky towards others- it doesn't matter who it is, whether it'd be his best frond or the clan cats. That's mainly because he hates clan cats. A lot. However, he can quickly sympathize with others that he's familiar with, although that doesn't actually mean he'll show it. Lyenix will continue being an arse towards everyone he meets, but once you get his respect, he'll actually make an effort to try and be nice to you. That means he can care about others. A little. He'll still be rude. And sarcastic.
History: Basically like Sagilt's past only he was that weird rival since he was bein a disloyal piece of dung as usual oh yeah and he lost his eye because he didn't freakin listen
Family: All dead.


Marshmallow (RPED by Breezeshimmer)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: She's a white she-cat with blue eyes
Personality: Very sweet, a lot like Smudge, but can be very vicious if friends or family are threatened. However, selfless, will not fight for her own survival for fear of injuring another.
History: Was separated from mother and siblings as soon as was old enough.
Family: unknown


Marvel (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Marvel is an ebony black tom with scrawny ears and sapphire ocean eyes. Very handsome, he is quite tall with sleek fur and soft paws.
Personality: Quick, fierce, unpredictable, protective, self-assured.
History: Born a kittypet, Marvel 's owner has had him since he was born, who happens to be an elderly woman living at a farm. There's no animals there anymore, just her and the three toms. Her husband died years ago and she had to sell all the livestock. Happy with his life, he enjoys cuddling with his owner and playing around with his two little brothers, Azure and Aster.
Family: Azure, Aster


Mercury (RPED by FrostyBee123 and Tanglefrost)

Rank: Loner
Appearance:Black with one silver paw, green eyes
Personality: Mysterious and a little emotionless. Hardly ever shows signs of real affection, accept to his mother, Moon, and his father, Rex, and sometimes his siblings, Night, Stardust, Comet and Hoshi.
History: N/A He's like, just born XD
Family: His mother is Moon, his father is Rex, and his siblings are Night, Stardust, Comet and Hoshi.

Mint (RPED by Midnight Frost Snow Leopard)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Soft, medium furred, pure white she-cat with a blue-gray chest. She has mint-green eyes. She has a soft warm muzzle and gentle paws. She smells of mint because she often sleeps in a mint patch, which is where she got her name from, besides her eye color.
Personality: Mint is a kittypet at heart, and is gentle and friendly. Sometimes she encounters cats from NightClan. She tries to act friendly, but normally gets attacked instead. Mint sometimes wonders if she should join NightClan, but often rejects the thought, as she is not the warrior type.
History: Mint was born as a kittypet. Her twolegs decided that they did not want her, and threw her in a lake. She nearly died but she was able to swim to shore and cough up water. Despite her typical gentle and kindness, she has some dark thoughts at heart. She swears revenge on her twolegs. She became a loner, trying to make friends with other random cats who tend to reject her, and plotting against her twolegs.
One day she saw a shiny silver circular object (a dime) in her twolegs' window. She stole it and buried it in the backyard. When one twoleg went outside to look for it, Mint pounced at him and scratched. The twoleg threw her in the lake once more, but she could swim and save herself. She still doesn't think that was enough. She often goes into NightClan territory and they often chase her off. She gets sad every once in a while, that she doesn't have any friends. One day Mint met a NightClan tom. She thought he had a crush on her, though when she found out that he was evil, she kept her distance. She stills seeks friends today.
Family: Mother: Blackberry; Father: Fluffy kitty; Siblings: Sweety (sister), Pumpkin (brother), Max (brother); Mate: Shadowstorm (temporarily)

Mint The Loner NightClan Roleplaying Wiki drawing N1

Moon (RPED by Loudclaw)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Light gray she-cat with golden-amber eyes. Pelt seems to glow in the moonlight. No tabby markings.
Personality: Fairly curious, though she gets nervous easily.
History: Unknown to her, but when she was approximately 12 moons old her head was slammed against a monster, and upon awakening she didn't know anything about herself or the world around her except her own name.
Family: Unknown


Morgan (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: She is a light silver she-cat with darker stripes. She has wide, pale azure eyes. She has a white tailtip, and white eartips and paws. Her left eartip has a nick in it from a past experience.
Personality: Morgan is exuberant and cheery all the time. She can have a bit of a sadistic streak, and appears insensitive to others' feelings. She can sometimes do dramatic things just to get attention, which often annoys others. She can also be terrifying when she finds out what another cat is afraid of; she'll do anything just to laugh at them being scared. Even so, she can be kind when she wants to be. She doesn't like kits, and thinks that they're annoying.
History: Morgan was born in a farawary place where a band of evil cats lived. Her mother had been captured by them, and she had been pregnant at the time. A tom in the group, Snarl, fathered her kits, but was a terrible father. Morgan was afraid of him, as was her brother Inigo. A moon after their mother was killed by Snarl, Inigo had managed to escape with a close friend of his mother. Morgan had tried to escape as well, but was captured, being wounded in the process. Inigo, however, thought she had died. Later, Morgan also escaped, but another imprisoned she-cat named Slight died helping her escape. Morgan eventually found NightClan territory, and, unknowing of the cats that lived there, decided to make her home there. She hopes to find Inigo soon.
Family: Her mother is dead. Her father's current status is unknown, and his name was Snarl. Her brother is Inigo.


Mouse (RPED by Tanglefrost101)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Small tortoiseshell she-cat with brown patches.
Personality: Mousetail is a quiet cat who lacks the ability to fully trust and open up to others. When she does befriend a cat, she sort of becomes emotionally dependent on them. She takes it personally when a cat she loves either leaves or dies. She gets very angry, and somehow thinks it is her fault. Even though she is quiet normally, she's not afraid to yell at another cat if they annoy her. She has a strong dislike for Izaya, because she sees him as arrogant and thinks he is the reason Ice left NightClan. She has feelings for Ice.
History: Mousetail developed strong feelings for Ice and was devastated when he left. After confronting him, she thought Izaya was responsible. Mousetail's mother died when she was still a kit. As an apprentice, she was mentored by Birchwhisker. After feeling like she didn't belong in the Clan, she left NightClan with Jetstorm, took him as her mate, and changed her name to Mouse.
Family: Jetstorm is her mate, Thornpelt is her father and Fernshade is her sister.


Night (RPED by Loudclaw)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Night is a pure-black she-kit, and will soon have golden amber eyes (her being just-born, her eyes are blue)
Personality: Curious, but she has a slightly blunt way about her that can make her occasionally unlikeable. She's more brave than her mother is, though. She's one to make friends with others, however.
History: Was just born.
Family: Moon, mother; Rex, father; Mercury and Stardust, brothers; Hoshi and Comet, sisters.


Nightmare (RPED by Phoenix Flight)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Slender, short-furred black tom with emerald-green eyes and a tiny white dash on his chest. He has scarred ears, and he is blind in his left eye due to an earlier incident (see History) which led to that. His paws and ears are small.
Personality: He is mostly serious and mature. Nightmare often gets lost in thought, completely ignoring anyone who tries to speak to him. He likes to run, and he's really fast. He is often wary of cats he doesn't know if he can trust, mostly Clan cats. He is curious about the Clan's way of life, even though he doesn't want to join them. He lives in the Alley, and often hangs out with Hikaru. Often argues with Hikaru, since the two are pretty different.
History: Nightmare was a kit in a far away Clan at first, but after his left eye was scratched and blinded, he ran away, feeling worthless. He was attacked by two rogues. The rogues left him bleeding, expecting him to die. A Twoleg found the little kit, and took him in and cared for him. The Twoleg released Nightmare when he was old enough the hunt and fight for himself. Nightmare feels grateful to the Twoleg, and thought that all Twolegs were good. After approaching one carelessly, he was caught and taken to a place filled with animals (a shelter). Nightmare was quickly adopted by a young female Twoleg. When his cage's door was opened, he leaped out onto the floor and ran to the door leading outside. He escaped to the Alley, where he now lives. He then learned about NightClan, and he wonders if they would accept him as a warrior. He forgot about this thought; they wouldn't accept a half-blind cat, he thought. Nightmare likes his life as a loner, regardless.
Family: Unknown

Pandora (RPED by Dragon Pulse)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: An extremely beautiful black cat trimmed with soft fur along with gorgeous attractive sapphire blue eyes.
Personality: Pandora is cunning, hot-headed, shy and mysterious.
History: Daughter of Star, the deceased threat of NightClan.
Family: Dustfur (father); Star (mother); Lizardkit (brother)



Rainbow (RPED by ~Maplespots~)

Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Pretty yellow she-cat.
Personality: Kind and helpful.
History: Born as a kittypet
Family: Bubbles (sister); Peppermint (littermate)

Raji (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Raji is a jet black tom with icy blue eyes.
Personality: Unlike his sister, Raji has a kinder heart. He's ready to forgive, though he's unwilling to forgive those who has harmed his friends. He is desperate to avenge his sister's death, and protects Sari at all costs. He hates to see his friends harmed, and after his sister's death, he became more unstable. Sari thinks that he would break if someone else he cared about died. He's quiet and reserved and doesn't like to talk much, leaving his sister to deal with all the talking.
History: Raji knew the Clan warrior pretty well, and when his sister was killed, he attempted to murder that warrior. He was captured by NightClan, but Sari freed him afterwards. From then on, he protected Sari with a fierce loyalty, though his mind grew more unstable. He never went anywhere without his sister after that, and the two stayed close.
Family: All dead except for his last sister, Sari.


Red (RPED by Garintina the Devil)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: A dark reddish tom with a white tipped tail
Personality: Unlike other loners, He likes to make allies. He is also very quiet at times, only talking to his allies. He is wise, clever, and strong.
History: His father left his mother when his mother had mostly she-cat kits. He left, not noticing that red was last. He grew up with his mother, then he went off to explore the world. One of his goals while traveling is to see his father.
Family: Splash (mother), Dark (father)

Rex (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: He is a rugged, muscular dark black tom with white splotches and green eyes.
Personality: He is loud, outgoing, and bold, but always stands up for his siblings and what is right. He is also very athletic and powerful.
History: He was born a kittypet and abandoned with his siblings to be a loner.
Family: Sisters: Yogurt and Sakura, Brother: Arrow, Mate: Moon



Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Rin is a short haired golden tabby she-cat with a limp in her left hind leg. A scar where fur has refused to grow back is visible there as well. Blue eyes with white ears.
Personality: Rin is mostly a lively and fun cat. Although at times when she is insistent on something, she is stubborn and will refuse to give in unless it goes that way she wishes. The only cat that could possibly change her mind is her twin brother Len. She can be sadistic at times and also egotistical. She has a habit of running away from her den for periods of time and then returning.
History: Rin is a kittypet that roams around Nightclan territory with her brother Len. Her owner is a Vocaloid obssesed Otaku who names his pets after certain things of that genre. She runs away from home every now and then when she is either frustrated, annoyed or if she just feels like it.
Family: Len (brother), Usui (Father), Nanami (mother) [All kittypets/rogues]

Ryuu (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Loner/Rogue
Appearance: Dark gray tom with blazing blue eyes. He has black stripes running through his fur, and a white paw.
Personality: He pretty much hates all cats. He's fierce and arrogant, and doesn't care what others think of him; however, inside, he's a mess. He misses his family, his mate, his son (whose identity is currently unknown to him) and just his old life. He's reckless, and definitely doesn't care what happens to him, to the point in which it's a wonder how he's alive. When he met Specks, he was actually really kind to her, not like the cat he is now. He loved her, and right about now, he misses her. But after Sage was born, he didn't want to be a part of the family anymore, since he didn't have the heart, or the courage to raise him himself. After that, he grew cold-hearted, and turned everybody away.
History: He met Specks really early in his years, and grew to like her snappy spirit. She was pretty much a replica of him, only a little more broken down because of the news with her parents. They ended up becoming mates, thus having Sagekit. But Ryuu was worried about the survival of his kit, and didn't want to be part of the family anymore. He left Specks to raise him on her own, thinking that Specks had the courage to do so. But to his surprise, she ended up leaving Sage to the Clans. Ever since that moment when they separated, he turned everybody away, and didn't want to have a life with others anymore.
Family: Former mate: Specks; Son: Sagekit


Sagilt (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Black tom with violet eyes and dark grey spots and a white tuft of fur on his chest.
Personality: Sagilt lives to con others. It's one of the only things he can do, to be honest. His personality changes depending on who he's talking to. If he thinks that being energetic will help him in his lie, he'll pretend to be energetic, or whatever he needs to do. But, his actual personality is one of an easily annoyed cat that is heavily sarcastic, and arrogant.
History: Born in a small band of rogues, Sagilt was doomed from the start. When he he was 5 moons old, the rogue band, that considered themselves the rightful rulers of the forest, were crushed in a sneak attack by another rogue band. Luckily for Sagilt, his rogue band lived near a stream and was good at swimming. He jumped in the small stream and found himself far enough away to relax. He had nothing. It's a miracle that he survived, having little to no hunting skills. Maybe his rivalry with the strange cat helped him learn. Either way, he survived. He took to conning clan cats to get what he wanted, as they had more resources than a lone cat. Sagilt struck a deal with them, to let him enter and leave the camp as long as he had something that made it worth their time. They offered him a spot as a warrior, but he refused. Why be buckled down to something when you could instead be free and get more benefits? So, he continues to be an asset to the clan, even though he's getting more out of the relationship.
Family: Dead


Sakura (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: She is a light red colored she-cat with dark amber eyes.
Personality: She is incredibly quiet, almost refuses to speak most of the time, and runs away at first sign of conflict.
History: She was born a kittypet and abandoned with her siblings to be a loner.
Family: Sister: Yogurt, Brothers: Rex and Arrow


Sari (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Sari is a light brown tabby she-cat with bright green eyes. She has darker brown tabby markings in her flank and dark brown rings lining her tail. She has white paws, chest, and underbelly.
Personality: Sari is fiercely loyal to herself and her thoughts. She says what she likes and she's not afraid to challenge others. She hates the Clan with passion. She's constantly rude, and doesn't believe in friends. Nothing she says is ever nice, and she pushes herself, and other allies hard. Sari is believed to have a cold heart, with no space for love and care.
History: Sari used to be nice and caring, with friends of her own. When her beloved sister died from a vicious battle against NightClan, Sari realized that she couldn't rely on others. She then found out that her Clan friend had killed her sister, and she abandoned the thoughts of having friends. Sari then found pleasure in hurting others, and the coldness of her pain and fear has hardened her to what she is now. The only "friend" or true ally she has is her last brother, Raji.
Family: All dead except for her last brother, Raji.


Shari (RPED by Bramblefire3118)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Delicate, small-pawed, long-furred silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes, and a very long, bushy tail.
Personality: Shari is a shy loner, preferring to confine within herself. She is rather secretive, and to compliment this, she likes to hang out under the shelter of trees, and hates to be out in the open for too long. However, her shyness and her secretiveness hides her true nature: to want to be a free spirit, and to find her true destiny. Her past holds many shadows beneath it, involving the death of the rest of her family, and as she doesn't have the courage to reveal it, she suffers a lot, and as such is rather emotionally fragile.
History: Shari's history was rather normal, as she grew up with her parents and her two brothers in kittenhood. Her father, being a former NightClan cat, would tell Shari and her siblings about NightClan, although Shari wasn't really interested in them. However, Shari's life changed when she saw her family get killed at the paws of a vicious group of rogues - she became very scared of other cats, as she feared for her safety. Shari had to learn to hunt on her own, and even now her skill are still rather sloppy. She has no skill in fighting whatsoever, and even after spending four moons practically by herself, she knows she must move on - but how is a mystery to the young Shari.
Family: Unnamed mother, unnamed father, two unnamed brothers (all deceased).


Shiro (RPED by Tanglefrost101)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Small white she-cat with amber eyes and a torn right ear.
Personality: Calm and quiet like her brother, but also very determined. She'll stand her ground and fight when she has to. She can be very stubborn when she wants to be. Shiro is also very protective of her family. She'll put everything on the line when she has to defend them. She doesn't take the loss of a family member well. She's starting to get a bit more adventurous and is always trying to change up her routine a bit. She absolutely loves kits and will take care of, or play with, any lost kit or a kit she finds. Shiro also loves to play matchmaker and is always trying to set two cats up, especially Kuro and Rose. She gets really excited while doing so. She is a very sociable cat. She loves to have a chat with any cat that passes by.
History: Left with her brother when he was cast out by the rogue group.
Family: Brother: Kuro


Siebold (RPED by Garintina the Devil)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: White tom with small, bluegrey spots and blonde-coloured eyes.
Personality: Quiet, hates rivalry, good thinker, and is pretty good at standing up for himself
History: Left NightClan for an unknown reason
Family: Stepbrother: Wikstrom


Slate (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: Rouge
Appearance: Slate is a sleek dark grey tom with amber eyes.
Personality: Slate is fierce, like to fight and wants Mosswhisker, Mistshadow and Crystal to join his group.
History: He was born to Clan cats, but ran away with his siblings at five moons old.
Family: His sister is Nicole his brothers are Drift and Crash.


Snow (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: White she-cat with green eyes
Personality: She is very mean, and is only ever kind to kits and apprentices. She is also insane, and enjoys harming cats. The way she talks is rarely understood by other cats.
History: She was born a kittypet, with her two brothers. When they were still young kits, their two-legs deemed her and Jayheart un-cute,and threw them away. Snow and Jayheart wandered through the forest until they found a NightClan patrol. She thought that the NightClan cat's were hostile and ran away, learning how to survive on her own, while loosing her sanity.
Family: Bear and Jayheart (brothers)

Sora (RPED by Tallstar007)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Brown tom with spiky fur on his head
Personality: Will help anyone in danger, has a good sense of humour
History: N/A
Family: Unknown


Stratus (RPED by Wetstream)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Grey and white tom with striking yellow eyes.
Personality: He is a very calm cat on the outside, who keeps sangfroid even in moments of desperation. He is not amused by much, and seems bored of the life around him. He grows angry whenever another rogue messes with his sister, and defends her from any threat. He grows flustered at times when his built up anger turns against him.
History: He was born as a kitty-pet with his three sisters and mother. When abandoned on the streets, he lived as a loner with his mother and siblings. One of his siblings, Misty, left them and they lost her whereabouts. His mother and sister, Nibbles, decided to try to find new Housefolk, but after moons of living as a loner Stratus declined. He took his other sister, Frosty, and left his family. They lived as rogues, stealing prey and fighting to stay alive. Stratus always believed he had to protect his sister, even though she was probably a better fighter than him.
Family: Mother: Lilac, Sisters: Nibbles, Frosty, Miststripe (formally Misty)


Specks (RPED by Cchen3)

Rank: Loner/Rogue
Appearance: Light brown tabby with emerald green eyes. She has darker brown stripes throughout her body and her tail is ringed by chocolate brown stripes
Personality: She's a fired up she-cat and isn't afraid to speak what she thinks. She's not afraid of the Clan cats, and would fight if she has to to survive. She has up to no friends, but she's heard of "friendly" she-cat rogues such as Frosty and Kitkat. She's rumored to be loyal to her friends and family, but nobody knows that for sure. She's usually hidden somewhere, and doesn't show herself unless necessary. She's afraid of dying, even though she loves to fight and isn't afraid to charge at something unknown. She hates being the boss, she prefers to be the one just fighting. She also hates taking care of others, because she thinks she'll be unable to do so and she'll fail like when she left her parents in the care of the Twolegs.
History: Long ago, her parents were kittypets, but she despied being locked in a place like that, so she decided to escape. She left her parents there, thinking that they wanted that life and they would enjoy it. But when she heard that her mother died and her father was sick and the Twolegs couldn't help him, she regretted her choice. When she had her own kit, Sagekit, she decided to cast him out, in fear that she would be unable to help him.
Family: Son: Sagekit


Stormy (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Kittypet
Appearance: Grey tom with blue eyes and a blue collar featuring a small bell
Personality: Happy, kind, loves all cats and wants to be friends with everyone. He hates fighting, and loves his two-legs
History: N/A
Family: Parents: Eclipse and Rainy


Sushi (RPED by FloatingMilkXD)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Small, dark brown she-cat with a tan streak down her tummy and bright baby blue eyes. She has very good hearing.
Personality: Kind, but zones out a lot. Known to be an airhead.
History: She has been roaming the NightClan border since her mother was killed on a thunderpath.
Family: Deceased mother


Sweden (RPED by GJHUSKY)

Rank: Kittypet/rogue
Appearance: A blue grey tom with an unusual golden yellow cross on his back
Personality: Calm, but bold. can be stubborn under pressure
History: Alleycat
Family: Brother: Tim Sister: Avicii


Taub (RPED by FloatingMilkXD)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: N/A
Personality: She is a she-cat, funny, nice, and happy to help the clan in anyway. She sometimes takes things from Twolegs, like sunglasses; things we wouldn't remember.
History: Her family was killed by foxes
Family: Unknown


Tatakai (RPED by Emeraldfire8)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Tatakai is a bengal tom, with a soft white dappled belly. His ears are black, and toes are black, also. His eye colour changes from green to amber, depending on his mood.
Personality: Shy, kind, smart, tactical, funny, graceful(:D), handsome, gentle with kits, soft on his paws, cute, somewhat fierce around other clan cats. Tatakai is really really gentle around kits, and soft on his paws like I said. Other cats fall for him a lot, and he likes everybody.
History: Not much, but when he was born, his parents couldn't keep him in the clan because Stormstar didn't want him. He became a rogue with his sister, Nymph(which I will create sooner or later).
Family: Unknown or dead.


Taylor (RPED by Winxclubfan1)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: White she-cat with blue eyes.
Personality: Kind but can be rude at times.
History: Unknown
Family: None.


Thumper (RPED by Numbu 8)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: orange fluffy tom scar on right eye
Personality: a very fluffy tom that is scary at appearence but is very nice and loving if you are a friend
History: Used to be a kittypet but after getting chased off by dogs trying to protect his owner and getting his eye scarred in the process, he was so upset at himself that he ran fearing the girl that owned him would see him as weak. Sometimes he looks at his scar in a puddle and regrets running, but he knows that there is no going back. Despit his sadness, he is still a very happy and playful cat
Family: Abandoned at birth but his old owner was a small girl who he loves very much



Rank: Rogue
Appearance: Patchy yellow tom
Personality: Fiercely loyal to his siblings, gets bored easily, dislikes Clan Cats and would do anything to keep his loved ones safe.
History: Alleycat
Family: Brother: Sweden Sister: Avicii


TimTim (RPED by Fuzzypelt)

Rank: kittypet
Appearance: Firey ginger tom with dark colored eyes and a purple collar
Personality: Scared of odd things such as spider webs and ants and such. He is very curious of things and always get into wierd trouble but no one ever believes him since they would include monsters and such. His voice is oddly highly pitched and babyish, making him have that childish look even though he is quite mature.
History: One of his adventures included a mini minotaur but then again no one ever believes that
Family: N/A


Vokki (RPED by FrostyBee123)

Rank: rogue
Appearance: Slightly brown, grey she cat with dark spirals along her sides and small lines coming from the corners of her eyes to the back of her ears. She is an American longhair. Peircing blue eyes that seem to slightly glow. Long, dark claws. Beneath her long fur, she's very strong and agile.
Personality: Mood changes very quickly. Very insistent and dertermined, sometimes to the point where she's a little stubborn. Quite bright and smart, and a quick thinker. Hates NightClan. She is nicer to rogues and loners than she is to clan cats, but she prefers to stay alone and is very cold and iscolated, and can be taken off as harsh and mean. Her cold behaviour can often be mistaken as aggressive, though she does not attack unless provoked. She has a liking for blood.
History: Vokki hates NightClan because when her mother, Sky, accidentally wandered onto the clan territory, one of the warriors accidentally dealed a blow more forcefully than they meant to and Sky died. Vokki's dad died three moons before she was born and no one knows how. Scared, Vokki ran away after her mother's demise and found herself in the alley. There she was found by a black she-cat - who just happens to be Checkers mom XD - and the cat tried to make her a kittypet. Much like the clan cats, Vokki despises being locked up, only being allowed out when someone says so, only eating when allowed, etc. She refused and when the she-cat continued Vokki attacked her and ran away. She later came back to the alley and made herself known there, teaching herself to fight and hunt properly.
Family: Deceased


Winterheart (RPED by Robinclawshe-cat)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Pretty white she-cat with iris eyes and brown tail tip
Personality: Sweet; loves kits, and is a good fighter
History: Unkown.
Family: Unknown.

Wren (RPED by BCEngine)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Like Zebedee, she is black but with a white mask and long, white tipped ears. She has bright blue eyes.
Personality: More energetic than her brother, but can be just as silent as him.. She has a slim build, making her an excellent hunter. She's generally friendly and gregarious, though sometimes can be a bit irritating when she'll wander off without a trace. She is also known to be a bit devious, and is very seducing with her blue eyes. Because of her frame, this causes her to be a bit weaker at fighting. Despite her wandering, she loves her brother and will defend him at all costs.
History: Born and raised a loner. His parents are long gone due to greencough, but has a brother, Zebedee.
Family: All deceased except for brother, Zebedee. Both are the same age.


Yasashii (RPED by NachoThePikachu)

Rank: Rogue
Appearance: A she-cat with a bicolored pelt, her main fur color is a snowy white while her secondary is a light milky caramel. The underside of her belly is white, along with the underside of her neck and tail. Her muzzle is also white, and she has a healthy pink nose. Her tail is long and wavy, and her fur is somewhat long, with small scruffs of fur on the top of her head and the sides of her face. Her whiskers are thin and medium in length. Paws are also white with the rest of her pelt being said secondary color. Her eyes are a clear Sky-Blue. A very unique and beautiful cat overall.
Personality: While she is an experienced outdoor cat with no owner, she tends to come off gentle and weak. Despite her calm demeanor, she is a cat that is perfectly capable of hunting and fending for herself, including fighting off other cats that attempt to harm or intrude on her space. She's a bit mischievous in a way, but only does it to bond close with others and possibly join a clan. Loyal and forgiving in nature, this gentle cat longs for comfort from a close friend. She tries to make herself seem strong and independent by not giving in quickly, but she would rather be ruled over than be alone.
History: Born on the outskirts of a faroff town, her mother, a stray cat, raised her and the rest of her siblings until they were of age to leave the safety of their parent. Many of her siblings died in the danger of the wild, but Yasashii didn't. She's one of the fastest cats around, and she is very agile. She roams alone in search of a clan to call her own.
Family: Known, but current location is unknown.


Yogurt (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: She is a long-furred creamy white she-cat with faint light coco brown markings and bright blue eyes.
Personality: She is sweet and outgoing, but she has trouble becoming close to someone.
History: She was born a kittypet, and abandoned with her siblings to be a loner.
Family: Sister: Sakura, Brother: Rex and Arrow

Zebedee (RPED by BCEngine)

Rank: Loner
Appearance: Handsome black tom with a white collar marking on his neck, white on the back of his left forepaw, and on the tips of his tail. He has deep green eyes.
Personality: Easygoing and very laid-back, but by no means a soft touch. He has a strong build and can snap your neck in a heartbeat, but prefers to sit back until the right moment. He is alluring, mysterious and is usually very silent and content with his own thoughts. However, he has a guilty conscience but rarely shows it. He can be found along clan borders, usually lounging. He is mostly seen with his sister, Wren, whom he protects very dearly.
History: Born and raised a loner. His parents are long gone due to greencough, but has a sister, Wren.
Family: All deceased except for Wren, his sister. Both are the same age.


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