Flashdust (RPED by Rainsplash987)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Flashdust is a light brown tabby tom with keen amber eyes.
Personality: No cat can doubt his loyalty to the clan, but he is very reserved around other cats. Not only is he quiet, he can be a bit rude, but that is only because it takes a lot to open up a friendship with him. He is very careful about letting other cats see the others side of him.
History: He was found as a kit and taken in, but still feels like no one in NightClan really wants him there, so is hostile to mask his insecurity. He has no known family.
Family: He watches Breezefrost a little more keenly, thinking that she might understand him for some reason, but is much to shy and reserved to talk to her.
Death: Killed by badger attack.