Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Fishleap is a silver tabby tom with bold jet black stripes and one green eye and one blue eyes.
Personality: He is caring, determined, and very fun. He is loyal and will fight for his Clan to the last breath. He's very close to his brother and wishes to have a mate and kits some day. He is a great hunter, great fighter, and a well-rounded cat. He is slow to anger but when someone messes with his friends or family they better watch out.
History: Fishleap came to NightClan as a loner and was very quickly accepted. He came with his brother.
Family: His parents were Clan cats long ago so they already had Clan names. They are unknown, but his brother is Reedwhisker. His mate is Rainheart. His three kits are Driftkit, Flowkit, and Patchkit.

Hailstorm (became a warrior), Spritz