Amberpaw (RPED by Blastoisestar)

Rank: StarClan Apprentice.
Appearance: A gorgeous cream-coated she-cat with beautiful amber eyes and soft, fluffy ears.
Personality: Playful, kind, mysterious, caring.
History: Amberpaw's mother died after a battle with DeathClan. She was later cared by the Warriors in NightClan, with Rivertail treating her like her own daughter. Amberpaw was then cared by other cats making her safe. Afterwards, evil Pandora killed Amberpaw as a warning to NightClan for killing her mother. Amberpaw is now safe and happy in StarClan.
Family: Gingerfur (Mother; deceased)
Death: Killed by Pandora.


Appleshine (RPED by Tanglefrost)

Rank: StarClan Cat
Appearance: She is a red-brown she-cat with amber eyes.
Personality: She has typical elder grumpiness but can be friendly when she wants to be.
History: She mentored 2 apprentices, and was a warrior before moving to the elders den because of a traumatic experience.
Family: Her father & mother are both dead She had three kits, Hailsplash, Riverfur, and Gashclaw.
Death: Heart failure.


Dawnheart (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: Former Medicine Cat (deceased)
Appearance: Golden she-cat with orange eyes
Personality: A devoted, wise cat who has always wanted to help. Willing to do anything to protect her clan. She tries to be a friend with everyone,and enjoys giving prophecies and omens.
History: She was an early medicine cat of NightClan that helped discover the Herb Patch and Starpool. Renowned for helping the clan through a Greencough epidemic.
Family: Unknown
Death: Unknown



Falconleg (RPED by Roboflight)

Rank: StarClan Cat
Appearance: He is a tabby brown tom.
Personality: He is fierce and hostile around strangers but kind to friends.
History: He is Clan born. Killed by rogue.
Family: All his family is alive
Death: None



Flashdust (RPED by Rainsplash987)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Flashdust is a light brown tabby tom with keen amber eyes.
Personality: No cat can doubt his loyalty to the clan, but he is very reserved around other cats. Not only is he quiet, he can be a bit rude, but that is only because it takes a lot to open up a friendship with him. He is very careful about letting other cats see the others side of him.
History: He was found as a kit and taken in, but still feels like no one in NightClan really wants him there, so is hostile to mask his insecurity. He has no known family.
Family: He watches Breezefrost a little more keenly, thinking that she might understand him for some reason, but is much to shy and reserved to talk to her.
Death: Killed by badger attack.


Gashclaw (RPED by Tanglefrost101)

Rank: StarClan Cat
Appearance: Pale ginger tom, green eyes
Personality: Shy and quiet, prefers to be around family members than other cats.
History: He was killed in the battle with DarkClan by a group of toms, caused his mother's early retirement. Was born a healthy kit, the second of the litter.
Family: Appleshine (mother, deceased) Sharkclaw (father, deceased) Waspfur (brother, deceased), Cloverpelt (sister, deceased)
Death: Battle with DarkClan



Rank: StarClan Cat
Appearance: Pure white tom with brown paws.
Personality: Loyal, swift, and wise.
History: N/A
Family: Wretchedstorm (sister) Bassstripe (mate) Limekit (kit)

Died saving kit from drowning but drowned himself in the process.


Rank: StarClan Cat
Appearance: Heatgaze is a red tom with a black stripe running down his tail. He has dark green eyes.
Personality: He likes to fight, has a sharp tongue, acts before he thinks, and does not like it when cats talk about his family.
History: He has one sister, Firepetal. Some think he is Clan born, others do not.He and Firepetal were found laying by a dead cat who looked like a dead NightClan queen, Leafbreeze. Wildice, Leafbreeze's mate says they are his kits. Wildice's body was found dead nine moons later. Drowned in river.
Family: His sister is Firepetal.


Hollowpaw (RPED by Avalanchestrike)

Rank: Apprentice
Appearance: He is a handsome, dark brown tabby tom with white splotches and legs; and ice blue eyes.
Personality: He is shy, quiet and mysterious. He is a good hunter and battler. He is much smarter than he looks and loyal to his Clan. He was best friends to Eclipsesky. He grew up alongside her and had a huge crush on her, but didn't know how to show it. Before he died, his last words to Eclipsesky was: 'Even though I can't stay with you, I will always be by your side, even from afar...' She did like him back.
History: Unknown
Family: Father: Hurricanestorm, Mother: Unknown (dead)
Death: He was killed by DarkClan warriors.


Icybreeze (RPED by IcewrathXFeatherswirlXCraneheart)

Rank: StarClan Warrior
Appearance: Icybreeze is a blue-grey tom with icy blue eyes.
Personality: He is shy and quiet but aggressive in battle. He is charming, heroic, and very very loyal.
History: Clanborn
Family: Mate: Fierysky Kits: Not born yet
Death: Killed by Star


Larkpaw (RPED by Phocoenidae)

Rank: Apprentice of StarClan
Appearance: Larkpaw is a pale tabby she-cat with blue eyes.
Personality: She is sweet and caring, and loves kits. She can be shy around older cats, but loves listening to the elders' stories.
History: Unknown
Family: Owlpaw is her littermate, and Hazelclaw is her sister from a different litter.
Death: Drowned in the river.


Loudclaw (RPED by Loudclaw)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Silver tabby tom with three black stripes going down his back, head down. He has a black tail tip, and his eyes are emerald green
Personality: Loudclaw is a loyal warrior. He's very caring for his friends and his Clanmates, and he will do what he knows to be right. In the heat of battle, he is relentless, to the point of the Warrior Code. He will NOT kill without reason. He is very loyal to StarClan. He won't lose faith, even when something similar to a hidden Clan is shown to exist. He will defend his beliefs to the death. He will always fight for his friends, and his family. He stands alongside his Clanmates, ESPECIALLY his mate, as if they were equals to him.
History: Loudclaw began life as a loner, his name being Silver. As a kit, he moved around a lot with his two littermates and parents, until one day at three moons old... Three badgers had cornered his parents and the three kits. The badgers being focused on his parents, who were putting up a fight, Silver had fled when his parents yowled for him and his littermates to. But his littermates had no chance. As they bolted, two of the badgers went for each of Silver's littermates, the oldest badger keeping with his parents. Green eyes wide with shock, Silver watched, horrified, as his littermates were torn apart in front of his eyes. He let out a yowl, as loud as he could, and bolted away, hearing the badgers turn back on his parents... He would have nightmares forever. Soon, a patrol of NightClan warriors had caught up with Silver. They'd fought off the badgers, they told him, but he was also told that his parents had been killed by the time they'd arrived. He was taken into NightClan, raised as one of them. His name became Loudkit. At six moons, Loudkit received his apprentice name and began training immediately. He excelled in battle training, especially techniques to take down badgers. And he had reason to. He was also proficient in hunting skills, which would help him later on. He earned his name with flying colors.
Family: Unknown
Death: Killed whilst killing Spottedfire's evil side.


Meadowbrook (RPED by Mistybird)

Rank: StarClan Warrior
Appearance: Pretty calico she-cat with yellow-green eyes. In StarClan she took on a silvery tint which compliments her soft, well-groomed fur. Her fur is gray, not black, with a spot of white on her neck, and a white muzzle, chest, paws, and belly with orange and gray spots all over her.
Personality: Meadowbrook is a sweet, caring cat, although she can be an attention hog. She often pushes others away to be in the spotlight, but she is very loving to those she cares about. It takes a while for her to trust you. She can be mean and sassy, but she is more often kind. She won't go out of her way to help strangers, but she'll be a good friend to those who warm up to her. No matter how tough she may seem, she's actually very shy and would rather not speak first. Meadowbrook is agile and quick, but actually quite lazy, although she will help the Clan, which she'd rather do then help one cat alone.
History: Meadowbrook and her sister, Sprucefall, were born far from NightClan, by a farm. Their name changed many times in their life, and their mother deemed them Spot and Patch. They both had eye problems, and their parents and healthier siblings left them when they were merely a month old. Twolegs found them, and treater their problems. Patch/Sprucefall's was more severe, and Spot/Meadowbrook became the dominant sibling. Still, they loved each other. They were placed in a shelter for two moons, renamed Katie and Allison. They were soon adopted, and renamed Lulu and Lola. At first the pair were extremely frightened, but they learned to trust the two-legs, especially the youngest one. They began to get comfortable, but reason unknown to Lulu, Lola left for a week, and encountered NightClan. When she came back, she tried to convince Lulu to come. Lulu refused, and the two grew apart. Finally Lulu agreed, and they left. Lulu still was no longer fond of her sister, and in NightClan was renamed Meadowpaw. Now, with so many cats, she rarely talked to her sister. They were named warriors, Meadowbrook and Sprucefall, and Meadowbrook began to fall ill. The medicine cats were mystified, and they agreed for her to go back to the two-legs, where they discovered something and did surgery on her. They found out they were wrong, and she had a fatal disease. She did not make it through the night.
Family: Sprucefall. Others, unknown to her.
Death: Fatal disease


Meltfeather (RPED by Spottedstar02)

Rank: StarClan Cat
Appearance: Meltfeather is a blue-grey tom with white spots and dark blue eyes
Personality: He is kind but gets scared easily, he is very close to Streamwish and he wants a mate and kits so he can have a family of his own.
History: Clanborn
Family: His sister is Streamwish
Death: Unknown


Roseheart (RPED by Rhi-Yalo)

Rank: Dark Forest Warrior
Appearance: A rose red she-cat with matching red eyes
Personality: Roseheart is jealous, mean and envious
History: None
Family: Sister: Moonpelt
Death: N/A

Riversong (RPED by Whitefeather09)

Rank: StarClan Warrior
Appearance: Riversong is a pretty, lithe, slender silvery-blue tabby she-cat with small white paws, white chest mark, black ear and tail tip, and bright blue eyes.
Personality: Riversong is happy and optimistic, never looking on the dark side, and very compassionate. She's sorta like a grief counselor, and is always one to talk to for your troubles. Riversong doesn't wish to be in the spotlight, ever, and prefers to be in the behind-the-scenes. She would never dare to hurt a hair on any animal (unless it's prey), and isn't exactly good at fighting.
History: Riversong was born as Riverkit with two siblings, Mistkit and Stonekit, from Stormheart and Brindlefur. She was raised extremely well cared for and was a tad bit spoiled, but nonetheless happy. She was a bit like the highlight of NightClan, since she didn't mind cleaning the elders' den, and always made every cat happy. When she earned her warrior name, Riversong, she was extremely excited and proud of herself. The next day, she decided to do a lone hunting patrol, and while chasing a fat vole, she ran onto the Thunderpath. A huge monster crept up, and she didn't see the monster in time. Riversong was found by the dawn patrol, and she didn't make it.
Family: Stormheart (Father, status unknown). Brindlefur (Mother, status unknown), Stonebriar (Sister, alive), Mistpelt (Brother, alive)
Death: Run over by a monster


Rivertail (RPED by Afterlife and Redshade)

Rank: StarClan Warrior
Appearance: A silver coated she-cat with gorgeous blue eyes.
Personality: Friendly, protective, secretive.
History: Originally a loner, Rivertail came into NightClan as a queen, carrying an unknown tom's kits.
Family: Milkpaw (Daughter)
Rubykit (Daughter)
Emeraldpaw (Son)
Sapphirepaw (Daughter)
Death: Crushed by boulder that Taylor pushed on her.



Rank: StarClan Warrior (killed by evil rogues)
Appearance: A handsome midnight black tom with amber eyes and long legs along with a long tail.
Personality: Sensitive, protective, friendly, fast, hot-headed.
History: Spiderfoot was a protective tom who always cared for his family. Unfortunately, he died while trying to save his clan from a bunch of evil rogues. His mate and daughter were left heartbroken.
Family: Mistypelt (Daughter)
Snowfeather (Mate)


Stormfeather (RPED by Breezefeathers)

Rank: Warrior
Appearance: Silver-gray tabby she-cat with green eyes.
Personality: Unknown
History: None
Family: See Gingertail
Death: Killed by Wolf


Turtledapple (RPED by KissMyAxe:3)

Rank: StarClan Warrior
Appearance: She is a brown she-cat with grey paws and has mossy green eyes.
Personality: She is crazy, random, and phsycotic, but she has a calm side to her.
History: Turtledapple was found on a hunting patrol.
Family: Her parents are unknown.
Death: Died on accident when frozen by Nightfreeze


Windstrike (RPED by Gingerstripe)

Rank: StarClan Cat
Appearance: Snow white cat with icy blue eyes.
Personality: Loyal and kind.
History: Clan-Born
Family: Unknown
Death: Run over on Thunderpath.