Beechfur (RPED by Rainsplash987)

Rank: Warrior, formerly medicine cat.
Appearance: Beechfur is a light brown she-cat with a cream underbelly and gleaming green eyes.
Personality: She is a fierce fighter, but also wants to please and serve her Clan, so she took over as medicine cat and does her best at everything. She comes off as rather "intense", but is actually a really funny, sweet cat once you get to know her. Though she likes to act tough, she has a weakness for certain girlish things, like picking flowers.
History: She stepped up to the position of medicine cat, realizing the Clan needed her, but now her former apprentice Brookwhisper has taken her place, allowing Beechfur to become a warrior.
Family: Unknown
Apprentices: Brookwhisper (took over as medicine cat), Shadewind (became a warrior), and Blackpaw.